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España…!! España…!! España…!!

Note to self: Plan in advance and possibly make reservations for the next world cup final!!

The plan was simple…the world cup final was supposed to start at 2:30. We get to Boqueria in SoHo at 1:30 and watch the final there. Boqueria (http://www.boquerianyc.com)was recommended by coworkers of Bijal’s that were going to meet up with us there. It was a Sunday afternoon, so we knew there wouldn’t be much traffic and parking would be easy to find, so we decided to drive. We find parking and are at the place by 1:30. Little did we do know that Boqueria which is a small spanish restaurant/bar would also be the place of choice to watch the world cup for over a 100 Spanish fans already. We opened the door to the restaurant and all we saw was a sea of red. Spanish fans everywhere that looked like they had been celebrating a world cup victory even before the game had started. There was no way we were going to find a spot to even stand there. So we went looking for a new place to watch the world cup.

Every place we walked into was covered in red (Holland fans were no where to be found). Then we walk by this place (Boom – http://www.boomny.com/) which looks more like a restaurant than a bar and had a 30″ tv mounted on the wall. And with luck on our side, we got a table of 7 for us. The place seemed like it was where everyone that hadn’t planned well in advance ended up. Drinks were reasonably priced…$7 for beer and $12 for mixed drinks. The food was ok (or maybe I was just a little buzzed). We ordered the tomato and basil pizza. The atmosphere was pretty fun though. While there weren’t really any hardcore fans (you could tell because no one was wearing red or orange), everyone there had come to have a good time. I uploaded a couple of videos and pictures from the place below, so check them out. Oh btw, that obnoxious guy yelling goal in one of those videos is none other than yours truly..Me!

Game over…Spain won..(Wooohoo!). What next? The girls wanted to shop a bit in SoHo but the guys wanted to hit a bar. We also wanted to watch a movie later. So we did a little bit of shopping in SoHo (more like the girls shopped) and the we decided to head to union square where the theater was. We had 20 min to have dinner and down a couple of drinks. We walk into Cosi, and to our surprise, it had a bar. It was the first Cosi I had seen that had a bar.. Jack Daniel shots for everyone…and then dinner! Overall…a good fun world cup Sunday. Oh and for those of you that are curious, we went to watch “Get him to the Greek “. Save your money, don’t go watch it at a theater, get it on netflix or something.