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South Beach, Miami

Bijal & I spent this past weekend vacationing in South Beach, Miami! We fell in love! Gorgeous beaches, awesome weather, beautiful women, great night life..I mean really, whats not to love! But a part of me felt guilty. Over the past 6 months I have ranted and raved to everyone about how great a city New York is and that I’d not rather live in any other city. And here I was, in love with Miami within 4 hours of landing there. So what was it that made me fall in love so fast? Everything I loved about South Beach can also be found in California and I lived there for 4 years. So why was Miami any different. And then it all made sense. After having lived in the concrete jungle of NYC for the past 6 months Miami seemed to be just the change I needed. But just as I had hoped, the need for that change was very short lived. 2 days into my trip to Miami, I knew that while Miami was a perfect vacation spot, NY would always be the place to be, MY preferred place to be.

The perfect Miami souvenir

Alcoholic slushies at Wet Willie’s! This one was called the superman and it definitely took me for a ride!

A little bit of Jersey Shore in Miami
The perfect beach party at Nikki Beach!


Greatest Hits

Since moving to the east coast, Bijal & I have become huge fans of the show ‘Lost’. We started with season 1 and in six months have gone through 3 seasons! Towards the end of season 3, as we saw one of the characters prepare a “Greatest Hits” list of all the events that had occured in his life, it occured to me that it was my 6 month anniversary of moving to the east coast! As such, I decided to dedicate this blog post to all the ‘Greatest Hits’ aka memories the east coast has given me in the past 6 months. There have been some awesome times, most of them, well documented through pictures. Thanks to my handy iPhone!

Feb: First weekend in NY we bumped into Adrian Grenier

Feb: First snowstorm!

March: Bumped into Ludacris at Unos

March: Trip to Atlantic City

March: First St. Patricks day on the east coast

April: Macy’s Flower Show

April: Macy’s Flower Show

April: Macy’s Flower Show

April: Fun trips to visit family in Baltimore

April: Getting all the women in our family to take a shot (Their first shot ever!!)
May: Finding awesome mangoes on the east coast (Taste exactly like the ones in India and can rarely ever be found on the west coast)

May: Chanel anyone? Trip to China town

May: Our first street fair market in NY (Hester Street Market)

June: Seeing a live episode of the Jersey Shore in NY!
June: Drunken walk back from China town to WTC!

June: Visit to the Jain temple in Queens

June: Seeing a girl with the weirdest pair of heels!

June: Awesome pic I took in the financial district
June: My niece coming to visit!!!!

June: Good Morning Gia!!!

June: The much awaited trip to the Jersey Shore!

June: A dream come true! The AR Rahman concert in Atlantic City

June: Fun times with the family in China town!
July: Happy Birthday Rohan! July 2nd, 2010

July: First speeding ticket on the east coast!

July: First 4th of July in NY (Macy’s fireworks)

July: I like big butts and I cannot lie..one of my first blog posts

July: Surprises from the wifey on my birthday! Personalized m&m’s

July: Birthday fortune cookie! Another gift from the wifey!

Aug: Indian Independence day parade in NY

Aug: Tattoo #2 and my first one on the east coast!
Aug: And just like the first time, my partner in crime!

Aug: From my last blog post…our trip to Brooklyn!