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Hookah in the city!! – Falucka

This is one of the 3 hookah places I have been to in the city and by far my favorite. Its really hard to pin point what I like about the place other than the fact that it has a good vibe. The music here is good (mixed variety with lots of international music) and the staff is friendly. Hoohahs range at about $15 and drinks aren’t that expensive either. And how can I forget, its right next to Mac Dougal Street. And if you are not sure why thats such an awesome thing, read my blog post about Mac Dougal and Bleecker. Over all, if you want a good place to unwind after work and hookah is your thing, then check this place out. Place isn’t too crowded, but gets packed very fast after 11 on Thursdays-Saturdays.

BTW, the place has extremely small bathrooms, that start getting pretty nasty pretty quick as the night progresses…so empty your bladder out somewhere else if you are a germaphobe.

The pictures below make the place look lit up but that’s only because of the flash. The lights are pretty dim at Falucka which gives you the feeling of sitting in a middle eastern tent enjoying hookah as the sun goes down!

P.S….Thanks for the pics Daphne! Your camera rocks!