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New York……from New Jersey!!

As Bijal and I drove through Weehawken on our way to Edgewater, we saw something that we had to pull over to take in. Wow, 6 months of being in this area and we had no idea how close we were to this. Wowww!!!! And by Wowww, i mean Wowwwwwwww! I knew I had to write all about it!

One of my most favorite things about New York is something you cannot experience in New York. Its the view of New York from New Jersey. Exchange Place (Newport) in Jersey city has gorgeous view of the financial district. In the evenings with the skyline lit up, the view is to die for. The other view I love is the one from Hoboken that covers all of midtown and the financial district. I absolutely love the giant lawn right on the water front. There are always people either sun tanning or just having a family picnic. Its awesome seeing so many people just soaking in the sun, building memories and at the same time enjoying the gorgeous view of New York. Last but not the least is the view I found today and one that inspired this blog post. The view was from Hamilton Park in Weehawken. What made this view unique and absolutely breathtaking is that compared to the other views, this one was from up on a cliff. For a second, I forgot I was on the east coast and thought I was in beautiful San Diego heading down the 2 lane road to the gorgeous La Jolla cove waterfront. I have included a video of the view, but the video does not do the view any justice.

View from Jersey City

View from Jersey City (cruise liner on the Hudson)

View from Hoboken
View from Hamilton Park in Weehawken