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Greatest Hits

Since moving to the east coast, Bijal & I have become huge fans of the show ‘Lost’. We started with season 1 and in six months have gone through 3 seasons! Towards the end of season 3, as we saw one of the characters prepare a “Greatest Hits” list of all the events that had occured in his life, it occured to me that it was my 6 month anniversary of moving to the east coast! As such, I decided to dedicate this blog post to all the ‘Greatest Hits’ aka memories the east coast has given me in the past 6 months. There have been some awesome times, most of them, well documented through pictures. Thanks to my handy iPhone!

Feb: First weekend in NY we bumped into Adrian Grenier

Feb: First snowstorm!

March: Bumped into Ludacris at Unos

March: Trip to Atlantic City

March: First St. Patricks day on the east coast

April: Macy’s Flower Show

April: Macy’s Flower Show

April: Macy’s Flower Show

April: Fun trips to visit family in Baltimore

April: Getting all the women in our family to take a shot (Their first shot ever!!)
May: Finding awesome mangoes on the east coast (Taste exactly like the ones in India and can rarely ever be found on the west coast)

May: Chanel anyone? Trip to China town

May: Our first street fair market in NY (Hester Street Market)

June: Seeing a live episode of the Jersey Shore in NY!
June: Drunken walk back from China town to WTC!

June: Visit to the Jain temple in Queens

June: Seeing a girl with the weirdest pair of heels!

June: Awesome pic I took in the financial district
June: My niece coming to visit!!!!

June: Good Morning Gia!!!

June: The much awaited trip to the Jersey Shore!

June: A dream come true! The AR Rahman concert in Atlantic City

June: Fun times with the family in China town!
July: Happy Birthday Rohan! July 2nd, 2010

July: First speeding ticket on the east coast!

July: First 4th of July in NY (Macy’s fireworks)

July: I like big butts and I cannot lie..one of my first blog posts

July: Surprises from the wifey on my birthday! Personalized m&m’s

July: Birthday fortune cookie! Another gift from the wifey!

Aug: Indian Independence day parade in NY

Aug: Tattoo #2 and my first one on the east coast!
Aug: And just like the first time, my partner in crime!

Aug: From my last blog post…our trip to Brooklyn!