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Columbus Circle

Its the point from which all distances to and from New York City are measured…..Ladies and Gentleman…I’d like to introduce you to the Columbus Circle!

A couple of weekends back, we had some relatives visiting. And being the good hosts that we are, we decided to take them to some of the touristy spots in NY. Having been to NY a couple of times already, they had covered most of the major tourist spots. Somehow, we ended up deciding to go to Columbus circle. I had never been there and neither had they….so off we went to check it out.

When we got there, I realized that I had driven past the Columbus circle in the past, but had never actually stopped there. I wish I had because there is a ton to do there! From fine dining to shopping to just relaxing while reading a book!

At the center of it all is a monument. There is a lot of seating all around the monument, perfect for some afternoon reading (when its not so darn hot outside). There are also some rooftop restaurants close by that overlook the Columbus Circle. There is also a pretty big mall right across for some shopping. And for those of you that are geeks like me and don’t want to quite shop at the mall, you can pass time by taking pictures with the big lady (look below) or venture out to the Samsung store and check out their 3D TV and home theater set up.

All in all..the Columbus Circle is one of those places that you could take your friends and relative to when they come visit and at the same time, enjoy yourself. And not to forget, its close to Central Park..so maybe combine some shopping, reading and tourism in the same day without having to walk much.