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The first step to exploring any city is getting to know its neighborhoods. Especially for a city like NYC where people throw names of neighborhoods around so much. Even non-newyorkers come visit and say they want to go shopping in SoHo or have dinner in Hells Kitchen. It becomes very important as a new resident (or tour guide) to familiarize yourself with the names of these neighborhoods and know where they are relative to one another. And for a nerd like me…well..actually I don’t think its me being a nerd…but more like my obsession of wanting to know where I am at any given time…figuring out these neighborhoods becomes a top most priority. So there I was…googling away for the best manhattan neighborhood map I could find. I went through many, but finally came across the first one below. I love that one because its one of the most detailed ones I have found and also breaks down the neighborhood in terms of streets. The second one below is also good, but I definitely like the first one better. So the next time that distant uncle of yours comes into town and says I want to go shopping in SoHo and then have dinner in the upper east side, you know exactly how to plan your and their day :).


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